Linseed One Liners

Q. Botanical Name of Linseed is
Ans. Linum Usitatissium. Family: Linaceae (Center of origin: India)

Q. Fibre of lineseed called
Ans. Flax

Q. Percent oil content of Linseed
Ans. 40-42%

Q. Percent protein.
Ans. 20%

Q. Inflorescence of Linseed is called
Ans. Carymbose

Q. pH requirement of soil to grow Linseed
Ans. 5-7 (Best 6%)

Q. Best soil for growth
Ans. Silty loam clay loam and silty clays.

Q. Percent Linolinic acid
Ans. 50-60%

Q. Optimum seed rate of Linseed crop
Ans. 25-30 kg/ha

Q. Critical stages
Ans. 1. Leaf stage
2. Tillering stage
3. Flower stage
4. Pod filling

Q. Varieties of Linseed
Ans. Mukta, sweta, Jawahar-7, Jawahar-17, Gourav, Shital, Himalini, Garima, Hira.

Q. Fruit of Linseed is
Ans. Seedball

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