Sunflower One Liners

Q. Botanical name of Sunflower is
Ans. Helianthus annuus (Family: Asteraceae 2n 34) (Origin: South America and Mexico)

Q. Sunflower is known as
Ans. C3 Day neutral crop (short duration crop 90-100 days)

Q. Head of sun flower is called
Ans. Capitulum

Q. Important disease of sunflower
Ans. Downey mildew, root rot, stem rot and Alternaria blight and head rot 

Q. Important pests of sunflower
Ans. Cutworms, Head borer whitefly and termites

Q. Critical stages of Sunflower are
Ans. 1. Seedling (10-12 DAS)
2. Bud initiation (130-35 DAS)
3. Flowering (50-55 DAS)
4. Seed Development stage (70-90 DAS)

Q. Important varieties of Sunflower are
Ans. Modern (80 days duration), Jawalamukhi, MSFH8.17, JS-1 etc.

Q. Yield/ha of Sunflower is
Ans. 20-30 Qt/ha.

Q. Rancidity in sunflower oil is due to
Ans. Oxidation

Q. Antinutritional factors
Ans. Chlorogenic acid and phenolic compounds.

Q. Oil content of Sunflower 
Ans. 30-43% (Rabi sunflower has higher oil content)

Q. Protein content of Sunflower is
Ans. 14-19%

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