Tobacco One Liners

Q. Botanical name of tobacco
Ans. Nicotiana Spp


Q. How many spp of Indian tobacco
Ans. 2, Nicotiana tabacum & Nicotiana rustica


Q. Key feature of Nicotiana tabacum
Ans. 1. Plant height 150-250cm,
2. Large and narrow leaf
3. Nicotine content is 0.5-5.5%.19 2
4. Used for smoking and chewing purpose,
5. Grown in light soils


Q. Key feature of Nicotiana rustica
Ans. 1. Plant smaller than tabacum,
2. Nicotine content is 3.5-8.0%,
3 Used for hookah, chewing and snuff purpose,
4. Mostly grown in heavy soils

Q. Best soils for Tobacco
Ans. Mild acidic (pH 5-6)


Q. Sodic soils are unfit for tobacco because of
Ans. Due to Chloride ions it results poor burning quality of leaves


Q. Nicotine mainly produced in
Ans. Roots and stored in Leaves


Q. Best tobacco for Cigarette
Ans. Flue Cured Virginia (FCV)


Q. Tobacco best for Bidi & hookah
Ans. Non Virginia type


Q. Tobacco type which having max area and production is
Ans. Non Virginia type


Q. Max exportable tobacco type is
Ans. FCV


Q. First hybrid variety of tobacco in India is
Ans. GTH-1


Q. Central Tobacco Research Institute situated at
Ans. Rajahmundri, A.P. (1947)


Q. State having highest production of non Virginia tobacco
Ans. Gujarat


Q. Seed rate of tobacco
Ans. 2-3 Kg/ ha


Q. Seed rate for nursery of tobacco
Ans. 20-30 gm per 100m


Q. No of seeds in one gm of tobacco
Ans. 10,000 to 12,000


Q. Time of nursery sowing
Ans. 2nd fort night of Aug


Q. Removal of flower heads to improve size and quality of leaves is known as
Ans. Topping

Q. Removal of lateral suckers/auxiliary buds is called as
Ans. De- Suckering


Q. Process in which matured leaves are removed from plant called as
Ans. Priming


Q. How many priming required in entire harvest
Ans. 5-6 priming


Q. When top leaves developed red rusty spots it called as
Ans. Spangles

Q. Priming harvesting is done mainly for
Ans. Cigarette & wrapper tobacco

Q. Stalk cut harvesting is done mainly for
Ans. Bidi, Hookah, Cigar, Cheroot

Q. Drying process of tobacco called as
Ans. Curing


Q. Flue curing mainly used for
Ans. Cigarette


Q. Fertilizer which is essential for smoking tobacco is
Ans. Potash


Q. Which pottasic fertilizer is best for tobacco
Ans. Potassium sulphate


Q. Most widely distributed viral disease of tobacco0
Ans. Tobacco Mosaic


Q. Most important pest of tobacco nursery
Ans. Tobacco Caterpillar

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