Soyabean One Liners

Q. Botanical name of Soyabean is
Ans. Glycine max (Known as Gold crop of America)

Q. First introduced in India
Ans. Year 1880
Q. Hybrid varieties
Ans. NRC-86, JS 97-52, RVS-2002-4,JS-2069, JS-2029, 2098
Q. Protein content of Soyabean is
Ans. 40-42%
Q. Oil content 
Ans. 20-22%
Q. Beary taste in soybean is due to
Ans. Sulphur compound
Q. Critical stages
Ans. 1. Sprouting 2. Flowering
3. Pod filling 4. Grain development.
Q. Optimum temperature of germination
Ans. 30°C (min 5 max. 40°C)
Q. Crop which is first in source of vegetable oil
Ans. Soya bean
Q. Origin of Soyabean
Ans. China
Q. Fort of soya bean known as
Ans. M. P. (Highest producing state)
Q. Optimum temperature for germination
Ans. 30°C
Q. Plant type of soyabean
Ans. C short day plant
Q. USA imported variety
Ans. Bragg, Lee, Clark 63, Kent, Black heart
Q. Indian varieties
Ans. Shilajeet, Alankar, Ankur, Punjab-1, Diirga and Gauray
Q. Sowing time of soyabean
Ans. 20 June to 15 July
Q. Spacing in soyabean
Ans.45-60 cm x 2.5 cm spacing is good for Kharif crop and 30-45 x 2.5 cm during spring season
Q. Depth of sowing for soyabean
Ans. 3-5 cm optimum
Q. Seed rate of Soyabean
Ans. 75-80 kg.
Q. Plant population for good yield
Ans. 0-45 million plants/ha

Q. Major Pest of Soyabean
Ans. Heliothis and Girdle beetle

Q. SOPA (Soyabean Processors Association of India) is situated at
Ans. Indore (M.P)

Q. Inflorescence of Soyabean
Ans. Receme

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